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Strategic Choices

Great fundraising happens when your purpose & plans are clear


Chances are none of the  major choices you've made in recent months were informed by your  strategic plan.

Who could have anticipated the major overnight decisions you've been making lately? The sand feels like it's constantly shifting beneath your feet.

That strategic planning document is largely irrelevant now. And traditional, static planning processes are useless during continuous change.  

Learning how to make strategic choices will be key to your ministry's ability to survive and thrive in an uncertain future.

But without a clear purpose and direction, your fundraising work doesn't stand a chance. 


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The Strategic Choices process integrates:

Continuous Scanning

Adaptive Planning

Testing & Learning

Strategic Choices Process


Brenda Moore will facilitate a process that includes:

- a digital survey that will clarify your governing board's perceptions of mission, purpose and priorities

- an online orientation to the governing board's planning role and the strategic choices process

- the Strategic Choices session(s) - approximately 8 hrs total - that work you through the 4-part process.  The session(s) can be done in person, on line or in combination. 

- a simple framework for tracking your decisions, assignments, and progress

- online coaching for a full year following to ensure that the new continuous planning process works and sticks

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