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More than 90% of the average American's wealth is held in assets. 

When congregations and ministry organizations ask for outright cash gifts, they are barely touching the potential of what their generous friends can and will give.

But the struggle for resources to fund mission for today takes our eye off of the needs and possibilities for the future.

Your ministry should have a Legacy Giving program so that your faithful donors can give from their assets, and your mission can be sustainable for the future.

The Legacy Giving program will give you the competence and confidence to invite larger and better gifts.  And you'll help your donors leave a legacy for a ministry they deeply care about.


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The Legacy Giving Coaching program includes...


11 one-hour sessions via Zoom over a 3, 6 or 12 month period, with one or two others joining you


Dozens of digital tools and replicable resources, including "Legacy Giving: The Basics", a 7-part online course


A live or on-line seminar for your legacy giving donor prospects, presented by Brenda Moore

Legacy Giving Coaching Content


With Brenda Moore as your guide  you will learn how to:

  • enlist, train and lead a Legacy Giving work group
  • educate your work group members in their role
  • clarify your story and the purpose for legacy gifts
  • understand the basics about the assets best used for legacy gifts
  • educate your prospective donors about legacy giving
  • discover any gift plans your donors have already put into place
  • cultivate, invite, document and steward new legacy gifts
  • establish governing policies and gift stewardship processes
  • implement a year-round promotion plan
  • introduce professional advisors to your program

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All The Training and Tools You Need To Build A Successful Legacy Giving Program


Legacy Giving: The Basics includes:

  • 7 online course modules that you can share with others in your organization so you can all be learning together
  • dozens of downloadable and replicable resources so you don't have to create materials from scratch 
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