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Brenda Moore's vocation has evolved around mission, ministry and money for more than 35 years.  As a resource development professional for church-related organizations, she's honed her skills at the intersection of faith and philanthropy.

During the past 10 years - somewhere between the gift of her two daughters and the death of her father - Brenda became more acutely attuned to legacy.  Passing on the faith to the next generation became Job #1.  Using her leadership and fundraising expertise to build the capacity of ministry organizations became her focus.

Brenda is a results expert.  The organizations she has led and served have collectvely raised hundreds of millions of dollars for their life-changing work.

She is also a research expert - a continuous learner in her profession, always accumulating and synthesizing best practices and resources, and educating others.

As a role model, Brenda mentors people into philanthropy and ministry roles, coaches them through their learning curves, and inspires them to be faithfully courageous as leaders and fundraisers.

Brenda Moore & Associates LLC is bonded and registered in the State of Minnesota. Brenda Moore maintains her professional practice credential as a Certified Fund Raising Executive (CFRE).  She espouses the ethical codes of practice of the Association of Lutheran Development Executives and the National Association of Charitable Gift Planners.

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